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Wixams – The Big Bedford Build – Fit-out Phase 1

P W Gates Distribution Limited has completed Fit-out Phase 1 at their new premises at Wilstead Industrial Park near Wixams, Bedfordshire. P W Gates secured the premises in December 2020, and the first part of their racking installation was carried out the week before Christmas.

Sitting in an excellent location to the south of Bedford, approximately 1 mile south of the A421, with dual carriageway access to the M1 J13 (9 miles) and the A1 (11 miles), the premises are in an ideal location for the growth of the P W Gates business.

Wilstead Industrial Park was completed in May 2020, fitted with industrial flex-style building units. This type of building is easier to install and fit out, as the units are a generic blank canvas, making them ideal for a speedy installation, and this has helped hugely with the completion of Phase 1 in just under nine weeks. The fit-out was directed by Chris Lynch, P W Gates Development Director, with a superb team of contractors and loyal suppliers.

Smart Solutions were chosen to work on the Wilstead site collaboratively with UK Computing. Stuart Martinelli from Smart Solutions and Paul Hood from UK Computing have both worked with P W Gates on a multitude of projects. They have recommended, supplied, and installed a networked multi-site system that has allowed the business to expand easily across multiple sites that can be maintained & administered remotely, this helps to keep costs to a minimum and ensures they are always up to date & secure.

Inspace Mechanical and Electrical are the company on site installing a complete design and build sustainable lighting solution. The system’s focus is on energy efficiency and the use of cutting-edge LED. The installation is not for the faint hearted – Sam Maskall, Ben Randall and the team are using high level access equipment to span the heights of the new warehouse.

The Wilstead site has a very narrow aisle (VNA) layout, which requires careful planning and crucially requires the right equipment. P W Gates has had a long-standing relationship with the Hyster brand and have used Hiremech to supply their previous Hyster’s. With more than 25 years’ experience they are a leading mechanical handling supplier for London and the South East.

Brian Lacey-Smith, their Key Accounts Manager, recommended Hyster VNA trucks, which are the toughest, tallest, and most reliable in the industry. It is “rock solid” at heights of up to 17 metres with horizontal and vertical movements that combine to offer one of the quickest VNA transits available.

Intexion team have carried out the racking construction. Intexion Ltd are based in Towcester near Milton Keynes and have many years of industry experience. Their expertise and new super-size racking system helped P W Gates maximise the potential of the new premises. The design and construction of racking phase 1 provides the strong framework needed for phase 2, which is well under way and on schedule, and Intexion hope to complete it by the first week of March.

P W Gates are looking forward to the continued transformation of their Wilstead site with the 3rd phase of the project, which is set to deliver the installation of a state-of-the-art comms room, a stock control office, also a new canteen and kitchen area on the first floor.

Peter Gates, Managing Director of P W Gates, who dealt with all the legal and financial work on the new site said, “we are looking forward to the continued transformation of the Wilstead site and I am extremely proud of the Big Bedford Build team, they have successfully completed Fit-out Phase 1 and are on target to complete Phase 2”.

The growth of P W Gates in Bedfordshire will provide many job opportunities for people in the local area.