Delivering what we promise



We have been using P W Gates for over 10 years and found them extremely reliable ,flexible company to work with.

Mookie Toys

Working with P W Gates has so far been seamless, which is a serious achievement given how quickly we needed to switch service providers. The team are always resourceful, helpful and friendly, whatever the situation. The support has been fantastic, which has been fundamental to get right for a small business like ours to grow. Since moving to P W Gates, our logistics has been much more reliable. We love working with P W Gates and would happily recommend their services.


As a small yet thriving business, we are always looking for tailored solutions to meet our customer requirements and help us develop and maintain excellent relationships with them. P W Gates has worked with us to develop a logistics program that fits our local, domestic, and international transportation needs, providing outstanding service. The team is accessible, reliable, and looks out for their customers’ best intentions, we highly recommend their service and expertise!

AQUA Carpatica UK Ltd

We have always found P W Gates to be reliable, efficient and responsive to our requirements. We have formed a great partnership with the team, and utilise their services on a daily basis. Booking is easy through the online portal, where we can also track our shipments and obtain PODs.

Galaxy Insulation

Working with P W Gates on a daily basis is a pleasure, based on their fast response when it comes to customer service. I appreciate that they are always on the ball and willing to go out of their way to keep their customers happy…Looking forward to many more years together.

Dove Farms

Crosta & Mollica have enjoyed a very successful long standing relationship with P W Gates on our ambient lines. From pretty much our start-up phase through to the current scale up both businesses have grown & learnt together. P W Gates are key for our good service into our biggest ambient customer in Waitrose & we enjoy collaborative relationships with all levels of the team at Gates for sure.

Crosta & Mollica

P W Gates are great to work with. All work is completed efficiently by a very helpful team. This has been proven by our long-standing partnership.

Planet Organic

Due to Ocado’s rapid growth, we have been working with P W Gates for over 4 years on supplier consolidation which has driven significant benefit across the Supply Chain. Having a close working relationship with P W Gates as our core ambient consolidator means we can optimise our inbound profile to drive operational efficiency giving even better service to our customers. Suppliers tell us they enjoy the service P W Gates Distribution provide, find it a cost effective way of delivering to Ocado and using a haulier that Ocado can trust.