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P W Gates Distribution Ltd is Ocado’s Haulier

The Ocado online grocery supermarket continues to grow in both sales and the range of products offered, from major brands to niche SME suppliers.

Ocado are the largest dedicated online grocery supermarket in the world, listed in the FTSE 100 Index of the London Stock Exchange. The beating heart of their business is a vast and unique fulfilment and logistics machine powered by research and technology.

During the past three or four years they have overcome several challenges, one of which was the volume of inbound traffic into their warehouses which was becoming very space and labour intensive. This is where the partnership between Ocado and P W Gates has made a difference, in consolidating a myriad of smaller consignments into larger loads, thereby reducing the number of vehicles handled and increasing capacity.

Ocado suppliers can benefit from having their products delivered into any CFC, seven days a week, without premium surcharges, saving a considerable amount of money.

P W Gates can also offer a full logistics service including receiving in bulk, storage and individual order picking, from one parcel to many pallets, thus taking the headaches away from the producers and allowing them to concentrate on their core business.


  • A closer working partnership between Supplier-Haulier-Ocado.
  • Improved order lead times.
  • Improved on-time deliveries into Ocado CFC’s.
  • Easier and faster resolution of any delivery discrepancies.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions and carbon footprint.
  • Increased availability and sales.
  • P W Gates offer full exemption on premium timed surcharges.

Benefits from expertise:

P W Gates Distribution Ltd works in partnership with Ocado as their third-party logistics provider.

P W Gates analysed the logistics, inventory, management and transportation needs of Ocado to determine the best approach to meet their strategy, the implementation of this analysis has increased their efficiency, and has resulted in significant savings for the company.


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