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Important Information

1. Make sure your pallet is available for use

  • Needs to be robust and suitable for the goods being carried.
  • No missing boards or blocks.
  • Four- way entry from all sides a must!

2. Make sure the load is properly stacked

  • Product should be stacked properly and secured with wrap to the base of the pallets.
  • Ensure heavier items are always placed on the bottom layers and there is even weight distribution.
  • Ensure items are packed properly to avoid crushing in transit.

3. Make sure the load is wrapped properly

  • Secure the load with tape or strapping.
  • Use a protective top cover if necessary to protect the goods.
  • All goods to be adequately wrapped to the pallet and also over the top of the goods.

4. Consider using extra pallet protection

  • Edge protectors give the load more stability and protection.
  • Strapping the pallet also enhances load security.
  • Pallets are ideal for small carton loads.

5. Pallet does not exceed the maximum weight

  • Maximum weight for a pallet is 1000kg.
  • A smaller vehicle may be required to deliver your goods – this will reduce the weight on the tail-lift to 500kg-750kg.
  • Please take into consideration that kerbside delivery access to site may have restrictions.
  • Deliveries will be as close to the premises as is safely practical using tail-lift and pump truck.

6. Packaging

  • Please ensure you use appropriate packaging.
  • Use security tape to seal pallet if necessary.
  • Ensure you use the appropriate size boxes.