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Southern Hub

In 2014 the rapidly expanding logistics company Pallet-Track required additional space and decided on opening a new distribution hub near London to serve the capital and south east region in partnership with P W Gates Distribution Ltd.

We became a vital part of their expansion plans and becoming the southern hub for the network was both an honour and a responsibility.

P W Gates’ location near the A1/M1/M25 area, has allowed the membership to bypass its central hub in Wolverhampton and fast-track freight directly into the Greater London and southern and eastern parts of the country to reduce pressure on its Midlands distribution centre.

Pallet-Track and P W Gates originally calculated that members using the hub to ship directly into the area will shave a collective half a million miles from the journey rosters each year, generating a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions. This saving has increased with the greater volumes going through Welwyn, and with more members using the facility, some of whom are coming from much further afield now as the benefits become evident.

The southern hub has been a strategic building block for both Pallet Track and P W Gates, boosting dramatic growth within the network as well as creating jobs in the local area.


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