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Sustainable Growth for P W Gates at Wixams

P W Gates Distribution Ltd gets the green seal of approval, with a more sustainable energy & light source at their new site at Wixams. The world has become more aware of how we are impacting the environment and we are all looking for cleaner more efficient energy sources to power our businesses.

At Wixams our energy provider supplies 100% renewable energy, where all of the energy used is sourced from sustainable sources, such as wind, solar and hydro.

Energy suppliers are currently in transition, with more and more businesses looking for zero carbon solutions and the P W Gates electricity system at Wixams is as sustainable as possible. Also endorsing sustainability has been the installation of LED lighting at the site, which has the lowest maintenance requirement and is a cost-effective means of lighting for commercial and industrial spaces.

With the help of the installers, Inspace Mechanical and Electrical Ltd., P W Gates are reducing their carbon footprint and maintenance. LED’s are more efficient than traditional lighting, reducing electricity consumption and with a long life span, once installed, they will not need replacing for years.

LED’s energy conversion is 80% more efficient than traditional equipment and the light output and quality of the LED’s is better, making the job of warehouse operators easier. Fewer lights are required to achieve the same level of brightness, thus creating energy efficiency and sustainability, reduced energy bills and hence lower greenhouse gas emissions.

P W Gates believe new lighting technologies are improving the working environments for their staff, giving workers a bright and comfortable work environment enhancing productivity and morale and is very important for their health.