Delivering what we promise

Doves Farm Foods choose P W Gates for their Ocado Consolidation Services

We are pleased to welcome on board Dove Farm foods who have chosen to use P W Gates Distribution for our Storage and distribution Services.

As a family business, Dove Farm milled organic and heritage flours as well as a range of naturally gluten-free flours since they were founded. We’ve made biscuits from our wholemeal flour and also reintroduced some of the UK’s most ancient grains back to our soils. Rye was first, then Spelt, and Einkorn and Emmer soon followed.  Today, we continue to be driven by our original mission to make quality organic flour with care, and the result is a range of unique, distinctive and trusted flours that make home baking a joy.

Our products are stocked in all good independent health food stores and supermarkets.

If you want to conveniently shop online and have access to our full product range in one place, you can buy straight from our very own Doves Farm and FREEE web-shop or Ocado.