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BRCGS AA+ Rating For P W Gates

This rating is the highest possible Grade and can only be achieved during an unannounced audit.

It is awarded by the BRCGS if five or fewer  non-conformances are noted out of more than 250 audit criteria.

The BRCGS Storage and Distribution Certification is specifically designed for logistics operations. Supply chain visibility is critical at a time when supply chains have never been so complex. Logistics is no longer a hidden operational function concerned with simply moving goods from A to B.

The growth in e-commerce has led to increased service expectations combined with a greater need for case pick, full pallet and consolidated personalised, orders.

Global supply chains involve multiple intermediaries pre and post manufacturing where goods and end products are passed between factories, shipping vehicles, pallets, warehouses, and delivery fleets.

Our BRCGS certification ensures the quality and safety of all products during their storage and distribution throughout the supply chain.

You can find out more about this accreditation here