Delivering what we promise

Bedford Depot Climb a Rice Mountain

Well done to all the staff at our Bedford site who have help carry out the mammoth task of de-stuffing 180 containers over a 6-week period!

A huge undertaking that has now been successfully completed 5-6 containers every day for 6 days a week prior to Christmas through the wind and the rain the vehicles kept coming and the team kept unloading with the team completing the last pallet Friday 19th Jan just before Lunch.

P W Gates Distribution have struck a long term deal with GRM International to receive, palletise, store and distribute around 4,500 pallets of rice to ASDA, TJ Morris, B&M Bargains & Poundland.

Chris Lynch (Director) “I am extremely proud of what the team has achieved it proves that nothing is impossible! I look forward to the next stage of our working relationship with GRM International, exciting times ahead” He said.