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Jack Twilley

P W Gates would like to introduce you to Jack Paul Morgan Twilley

Jack has been ‘Karting’ for 2 years, racing Corporate Karts at Red Lodge as part of the Youngstarz Academy, alongside Club73 and Formula 270 where he has been achieving regular podiums

Jacks dream is to jump to Senior Rotax racing in the Club2000 Series and Nation Cup

P W Gates is happy to support an F1 rising star and look forward to experiencing the family track days with Team Twilley

How Jacks dream to jump to Senior Rotax racing in the Club2000 Series and Nation Cup will come true

After an impressive short trial day, they invited Jack to compete for them, commented on how impressed they were with how Jack drove and controlled the kart, which lead to a signing for JLCD for the 2023 Season

Further commenting “You’re a Great Young Man, Respectful to your Teammates and Mechanic – Yes a Great Driver showing Speed and Constant Growth as a driver.”

Jack has now signed up for the 2024 season

Jack considers himself to be lucky as has a great mechanic (Rob) and with his and his dad’s support has had a steady climb up the Championship netting a 4th position in his first season, as well as picking up trophies on the way for Positions and Best Rookie Driver

This season Jack will be racing at the National Level in the NKC (National Kart Cup) as well in the Club2000, which has meant a Kart upgrade moving it up to the next level

The new ‘Lando Norris Kart’ package has a bespoke engine built and tuned for Jack, with a custom fitted seat and higher grade of tyres

With this new kart Jack is hoping his 2024 finishing position will qualify him for National Level in 2025