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Sucafina, is a coffee trading and processing company based in Switzerland. Sucafina operates globally and is involved in various aspects of the coffee supply chain, from sourcing and trading to processing and exporting.

The company works closely with coffee producers around the world, sourcing high-quality beans to meet the demands of its customers, which include roasters and coffee brands. Sucafina is engaged in the trading of green coffee beans.

They are actively involved in managing different stages of the coffee supply chain. This includes ensuring the quality of coffee beans, promoting sustainable practices, and maintaining strong relationships with coffee producers.

The company has facilities for processing and milling coffee. This involves preparing the green coffee beans for export by removing husks and other impurities, ensuring that the final product meets quality standards.

Sucafina places an emphasis on sustainability in its operations. This involves promoting environmentally friendly practices, supporting fair trade, and working towards improving the livelihoods of coffee farmers.

The company operates on a global scale, with offices and operations in various coffee-producing regions. This allows the company to have a direct presence in key coffee markets and build strong relationships with local producers.

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