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Bloody Drinks their Story – They we’re old friends who love Bloody Marys. Arguably, too bloody much. For years they spent their Sundays obsessively seeking the finest examples of the drink, before eventually distilling their own painstakingly accrued knowledge into fluid ounces at home.

Mixing for friends quickly led to demand outstripping supply, and a search to find production partners who could take their little recipe and scale it up without compromising on ingredients, flavour, or quality.

They know that the Bloody Mary is the most contested cocktail out there, and debate rages over the different levels of spice, umami and sweetness that can go into it. That’s why their recipe hasn’t been designed by committee. It’s been designed by people who truly love the cocktail and set out to share with the world a version that shows what a beautifully complex and balanced drink it can be. And their proud to say, “we think that’s exactly what we’ve created”.

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