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6-Weekly Inspections

To ensure your vehicles are compliant, Regular HGV safety inspections are required, these are a legal requirement. Although they are often referred to as HGV 6-weekly inspections, the interval period between these inspections can vary depending on the age, condition, and mileage of the vehicle, if a vehicle is more than 12 years old the DVSA advise that the 6 weekly inspection gap is adhered too and should not go any longer.

The HGV 6-week inspection is essentially a preventative maintenance check, this check will cover all aspects of the vehicle, highlighting small defects before they become big ones, and ensuring that your vehicle could pass its MOT at any time.

All HGV 6-week inspections are recorded electronically, and are kept as part of your vehicle’s maintenance, the PWG team are available to carry out, 6-week inspections and other interval periods, we can accommodate same day and or next day appointments and will help you to maintain your HGV safety inspections ensuring your vehicles remain safe, roadworthy and legally compliant.